The following testimonial was left by Susan.

Sherry has been wonderful to my dogs! She does so much more than just let them out and let them back in again. She plays with them, walks around with them, and loves them up. I have one dog, almost too smart for her own good, and a really old guy so it makes my life easier to know that they are being checked on by someone who I can completely trust with my pet's well-being.

Thank you!!

The following testimonial was left by Shelley.

I love the service Sherry offers me and my two girls (boxers). I am very thankful for the care and attention she gives them; how much more comfortable my girls are staying at home. It is very convenient for me to have Sherry come to my home. She is someone I depend and rely on!! Thank you Sherry!

The following testimonial was left by Connie.

Sherrry McAdams has been walking our dog Max for about a year now. She is very dependable and spends time with him during her visits. She always leaves a detailed note telling us what they did and how Max behaved. Our dog is a big part of our family, and it was important to have someone we trust take care of him. We are very lucky to have found Sherry, as is Max.

The following testimonial was left by Cecily.

We like that Sherry is so professional. The detailed notes that she leaves after every visit let us know that the dogs are well cared for and help keep us informed of their daily routines. She clearly cares about the dogs, and they love her. She is mature and makes good decisions, so we trust her with our loving pets and with our home. Thank you again Sherry.

The following testimonial was left by Jill and Jeff Haag.

Sherry has been wonderful. She is incredibly reliable and will come to the house on very short notice. She has taken excellent care of our 2 dogs. She spends extra time with them and they love her. It is also nice to know that someone is checking on our house, getting mail, turning on lights, etc. We used to put our dogs in the kennel but having Sherry come to the house is much less stressful for them (especially our elderly dog) and gives us more peace of mind. Whether it’s just a weekend or a 2 week vacation, Sherry has been reliable, professional and very caring to our pets.

The following testimonial was left by a former client.

I can't even begin to tell you how much Im going to miss YOU !!! Yes, I know the girls will miss seeing you every day (they have feelings too ! ), but Im going to miss you most of all. Even though I didn't see you at all, it was such a piece of mind, and comfort knowing you were taking such good care of the girls. You were a BLESSING to me. And if truth really be said, I hurt knowing that the girls or I won't be seeing you much anymore. Are you sure you can't do the Lake Ann area???? .................. But I do understand why you don't. I myself have limits with my business and what areas I service. Sometimes I feel I have over extended my service areas, but have now put limits on where I accept new clients.